Philippines: Excess Mortality Hit 123%

Filipinos saw their highest excess mortality rate on record 6 months post vaccine rollout.

Our World in Data has not updated Excess Mortality data for the Philippines since July 31, 2022. Usually when a delay this long occurs (in the Covid Era) the data in the interim isn’t flattering for the narrative.

Governments don’t want to face backlash for mandating a “vaccine” in which the data continues to show did far more harm than good. After the vaccine rollout, there were more Covid Cases, more Covid Deaths and higher Excess Mortality than all of the deaths seen in the Philippines in 2020.

The data continues to show the mRNA products do not work—not just in the Philippines, but in every country that used the mRNA products) around the world—yet they continue to be pushed upon humanity despite the unknown long term health data for a new novel mRNA product. The health data we are learning about though looks very grim for people who continue to get multiple “booster” doses.

Knowledge is power. And the truth will win in the end.

Texas Lindsay