NEW - The Devil's in the Data: Boosters vs. Excess Mortality

Do More Booster Doses = More Excess Deaths?


At first glance, the video might look the same as the one I released on Friday, but I promise I would never waste your time with a repeat. This is a brand new one based solely on the booster/excess mortality data. And the devil is in the details (and also appears to be working in Public Health as well.)

Some of the most concerning data correlation throughout the pandemic that I’ve reviewed is the correlation of booster doses and excess mortality.

BELOW: ALL DOSES, including Boosters administered in last 12 mo.

The vaccines doses hit an all-time peak in # of doses administered at the end of December 2021 and the beginning of January 2022

Notice the uptick, followed by the decline. Thank God for the decline in booster uptake… because the chart below seems to mirror it only with a slight delay.

BELOW: EXCESS MORTALITY | August 2021—July 2022

Causation is not correlation—but when you silence, censor and smear every pathologist, virologist, epidemiologist that’s tries to come forward and sound the alarm, I don’t know what else we could expect, but it’s not good.

Additional data not featured in the video, but just as important—if not more— below.

I did find another Excess Mortality Chart that is ONLY based on historical averages instead of based on projections like they have published in the “special C-19 section” on the Our World In Data website.

This chart shows Excess Mortality peaking in September 2021 at 46% and AGAIN in January 2022 at 45%.

BELOW: Cumulative Booster Data1 Although boosters were available to people who met a certain criteria prior to this date, you’ll notice that the uptake didn’t take off until after August 2021.

*see footnote for additional explanation

This chart looks different than the graphs featured above and in the video. because for some unknown reason ‘Our World In Data’ will not allow the public to customize the view to see what the daily/weekly uptake has been—and only allows the public to view it from a TOTAL/cumulative perspective. Therefore for comparative purposes, you have to look at their graphs for “All Doses, including boosters” to see the breakdown of daily, weekly or annual for overlay comparisons in other categories.