Spike proteins can circulate in your body after infection or injection, causing damage to cells, tissues and organs. But there's ways to help lessen the toxicity.
Fauci vs. Fauci: A Compilation of Lies & ContradictionsRegardez maintenant (5 min) | My latest compilation of arguably the most corrupt and evil bureaucrat to ever hold a position in the federal…
BREAKING: Journalist Matt Taibbi will be testifying on the Twitter Files & the Weaponization of the Federal GovernmentJournalist Matt Taibbi (@mtaibbi) will be testifying on the Twitter Files and the Weaponization of the Federal Government this morning. Watch it…
My Guest Column for Paul Thacker’s The Disinformation Chronicle
Philippines: Excess Mortality Hit 123%Watch now (1 min) | Filipinos saw their highest excess mortality rate on record 6 months post vaccine rollout.
Japan: Update on Covid DataWatch now (1 min) | Once again, the data appears to show the more mRNA doses a country receives—the more Covid & sadly, the more deaths.
The Train Derailment in East Palestine & one scientists prediction & warning of the reach of the carcinogenic toxins. Please share.
The Most Shocking Testimony I’ve Seen in the Last 3 YearsWatch now (9 min) | California NICU Nurse Blows The Whistle
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